Katherine Atwell Herbert

The Money Shot

Ridge Warnecke was a fast rising PGA pro until a bar fight knocked out his career. Ten years later he's the head pro of a second tier country club on the edge of Phoenix when the body of a young woman is found on the 16th fairway.

The detective in charge of the case, who knows that Ridge was once charged with attempted murder, would love to hang the crime on him. So Ridge has to find the real killer before he's charged. His search takes him to the depths of Phoenix's low life and the heighth of the art community. Along the way he meets a woman who's the best thing that ever happened to him--and, despite his protests, she insists on helping
him with the case.

Selected Works

Mystery Novel
The Money Shot
A young woman is found dead on a golf course. The police detective in charge wants to pin it on the club pro whose checkered past includes a charge of attempted murder. To save himself the pro must find the real murderer. Not yet published.
The Perfect Screenplay: Writing It And Selling it.
This book focuses on giving aspiring and experienced screenwriters an insider's view of the process of writing and marketing film and television scripts.
Writing Scripts Hollywood Will Love, 2nd Ed.
This book of screenwriting tips covers everything from the script's appearance--it's got to look professional, to tips for creating plots, characters and dialogue that Hollywood analysts will love.
Selling Scripts to Hollywood
An all-in-one resource for aspiring and seasoned screenwriters to get their work in front of producers.

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