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Praise for: Writing Scripts Hollywood Will Love

"It's almost uncanny, but by picking up a script and thumbing through it once, Katherine can predict almost without error whether it's any good." --Gary DeVore, writer of Mean Season, Running Scared, Back Roads, and many others.

"Writing Scripts Hollywood Will Love is a realistic insider's view of the screenwriting process." -- Gerald Petievich, author of To Live and Die in L.A. and many other scripts.

"I wish I knew the secret of getting my scripts praised by a script analyst. This book tells you how to do that." -- Bill Richmond, writer-producer of The John Larroquette Show, Three's Company, et al and screenplays including The Nutty Professor.

Praise for: Selling Scripts to Hollywood

"Katherine...distills the essentials of the business and the development process with great clarity, accuracy and flair. --Allen Page, Warner Bros. Story Analyst.

The Money Shot - currently looking for a publisher.


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But What I Really Want To Do Is.....

Before she finished post-graduate classes in film at the University of Southern California and Arizona State University, Katherine was writing newspaper film criticism, interviews, and features. It was inevitable that her path would lead to Hollywood.

After attracting an agent with her first script, an episode for a TV series, she moved to Los Angeles and began working in the business. At DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group she was a script analyst and the executive assistant to the Vice President of Production and worked on location for the film, Traxx with him before they moved to MGM Television where she became the Development Director for Debin-DeVore Productions. Later she worked with Backroads Productions doing pre-production work.

She has also analyzed scripts for Fox Broadcasting, Viacom-Showtime, TNT, Lightstorm--Jim Cameron's company, and others including Multimedia and Carolco. Her script writing includes feature film screenplays, rewrites of screenplays, and episodes for television series including Trail by Jury, Murder She Wrote, and Quantum Leap, among others.

Katherine's resume extends beyond screenwriting, however. She published articles for such national publications as Young Miss, Wards Auto World, Dynamic Years, Design Source and others, and prepared articles for various newspapers as well as working as the film critic for a small newspaper, a book reviewer for The Los Angeles Daily News, and as a correspondant for The Arizona Republic. She also worked as a theater publicist for several years.

Currently Katherine teaches screenwriting and film noir. She has also taught contemporary cinema, film history, and film production.

Awards won include several local and national for her writing and design from the National Federation of Press Women. She was nominated as an Outstanding Young Woman in America, and is included in Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in Entertainment, and Who's Who in the West.

Quotations From:

The Perfect Screenplay:

As a writer, "the most difficult task you have before you is to make sure your work is salable. Someones has to want to buy it. Hollywood filmmaking is a commercial enterprise. They're in it for the money, and if your screenplay says something important about the human condition or has resonance with the emotions, needs and desires al lHomo sapiens share, then so much the better."

With the advent of the Internet and the independent film movement, many writers eschew Hollywood and its brutality and hope to film their scripts themselves or to partner with a friend or a local who is a filmmaker. Nice thought. Rarely works. There's dozen of reasons why..." Maybe it will actually screen at a local theater, but getting it a major distribution deal? That's a whole other story.

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Selected Works

Mystery Novel
The Money Shot
A young woman is found dead on a golf course. The police detective in charge wants to pin it on the club pro whose checkered past includes a charge of attempted murder. To save himself the pro must find the real murderer. Not yet published.
The Perfect Screenplay: Writing It And Selling it.
This book focuses on giving aspiring and experienced screenwriters an insider's view of the process of writing and marketing film and television scripts.
Writing Scripts Hollywood Will Love, 2nd Ed.
This book of screenwriting tips covers everything from the script's appearance--it's got to look professional, to tips for creating plots, characters and dialogue that Hollywood analysts will love.
Selling Scripts to Hollywood
An all-in-one resource for aspiring and seasoned screenwriters to get their work in front of producers.

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